Go++ Testimonials

What users have said about Go++

These comments were either sent to me directly or were collected from postings the internet Go newsgroup (rec.games.go).

"Go++ is definitely a great program - I can see you have one goal in mind: to be the best program in the world.." MG, USA.

"A neighbour and Go beginner like me showed me Go++ today. He bought the deluxe version. It's wonderful. Congratulations." KP, USA.

"Suddenly, I noticed I was in trouble. Go++ actually killed a huge group of mine. That is a rare experience in a high handicap game, especially against a computer. I estimate Go++'s strength at a solid 7 or 8 kyu."...
"For all this refinement, and its price tag at more than double that of Go++, MFOG is not quite as strong as Go++". DM (7-Dan), Review in American Go E-journal

"I am greatly enjoying GO++. It is far better than any other GO software I've seen, and when I take 2-3 stones the games at the strongest setting are very competitive and interesting." RH, USA.

"Based on playing 4games with Go++ I'd say it's strength with 6.5 pt komi can be bounded btwn 9k and 6K. Which IMHO is truely amazing for Go playing software." DK, USA.

"First let me say I think Go++ is a kick-ass program. As a newbie I pretty much learned how to play go by playing even games against MFOG10, and I VERY MUCH disagree with those who discouarge other newbies from playing against computer programs; because 1) they are fun; 2) they are always ready; 3) they are stronger than any newbie and make the newbie very aware of his cutting points, killable groups, that kind of thing." BH, USA.

"Go++ is not only the strongest-playing program that is available to the public, it is the least expensive of the strong programs." NW, Review in the British Go Journal.

"I think go4pp it's better than MFGO11." SV, Romania.

"Congratulations for the latest Go++! I tried giving the program 9 stones and lost by 3.5 points. I feel that the program has improved significantly since I last played it." JG, France. (JG had played earlier versions of Go++).

"I enjoy playing it and it has improved my game significantly in a short time." CJ, USA.

"I've been messing about with Go++ for a while now and have to say I'm quite impressed." DW, England.

"I recently purchased Go++ and am enjoying it a great deal." KS, USA.

"thank you for writing this great program!" CC, USA.

"I purchased a copy of GO++ a little while ago and love it." BR, England

"well done with a very good program!" PB, South Africa

"I recently purchased Go++, and I would first like to tell you that it is an excellent program.  I also practice with Many Faces, but I have found that Go++ seems to play a more interesting game." TC, USA

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